Our Story

The story behind a fresh NEW interactive business opportunity.

About Us

bath•ologie is based in the beautiful Salt Lake City area and founded on the belief that everyone should be able to design your own life. We have created a new, flexible entrepreneur opportunity where you can define your own success.

Our fresh, custom blended bath, body and home collection is available exclusively through in-home blending bars by Independent Bathologists and online. A Blending Bar is an interactive party where every guest enjoys inventing their custom scent to be added to any of our natural and organic products. Complete the customization process by designing your own label.

Photos of friends attending a Bathologie Blending Bar.

Our Story

The bath•ologie idea started with our Founder and CEO Stacey Madsen, a young mother with a new baby who suffered with skin allergies from chemicals found in everyday soaps, lotions, and detergents. She began looking for a safe, gentler alternative, and discovered that up to 60% of what we put on our skin is directly absorbed into our bodies.

Believing in the importance of pure, plant based ingredients Stacey had a surprisingly tough time finding skin care products made from natural botanicals. So she decided to do something about it and developed a line of pure products that her friends and family would enjoy and have fun with by being able to create their own personal, custom blended scent and label.

In 2011 bath•oligie was born. Stacey knew she was on to something when her friends and family returned their empty containers asking for more. What a fun way to bring friends, family and fragrance together for a couple of hours, creating unique custom blended scents at an in-home Blending Bar to add to a personalized bath body and home collection!

Fast forward, today people all across North America are hosting in-home blending bars, creating their very own customized bath body, and home collection, and building successful bath•ologie businesses. We’d love you to join the fun! Speak with your Bathologist or contact us for more information on hosting a Blending Bar of your own, or on how to become a Bathologist and get in on this ground floor opportunity!

Bathologie founder Stacey Madsen.

Our Philosophy

Natural ingredients
100% paraben & phthalate free
Not tested on animals

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100% Hand Crafted

bath•ologie’s high quality ingredients combined with cutting edge innovative science have resulted in formulations offered to the consumer as never before. Try our vegan, kosher, biodegradable, made with organic ingredients, natural, fair trade and truly luxurious unscented product line. Our entire line is made in North America and is paraben, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, gluten, and cruelty free.

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100% Made in USA

bath•ologie’s exclusive scent oil collection is extremely rich, complex and long lasting. All fragrance oils have been designed to be a well-rounded, full scent that can be used alone or combined with other scent oils in our collection. They are 100% concentrated oils formulated in the USA, comply with the strictest standards and are all phthalate free.

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100% Recyclable

All bath•ologie products are packaged in 100% recyclable, amber PET plastic material that is well-suited for storing products containing essential oils and is high impact resistant. Amber bottles filter out blue and ultraviolet light that damages essential oils and pure plant ingredients. A good product is only as good as its packaging. The ribbed black lids are recyclable with a foam liner that creates an air-tight seal. The ribbed edges provide extra grip making it easier to remove the lid from the container.