Host a bath•ologie Blending Bar

The ultimate build-your-own-bath collection experience.

Friends + Creativity = FUN!

We believe life is better with friends, and they give us the courage to be creative. A Blending Bar is the perfect blend of both.

Your trained Bathologist will be knowledgeable on how to use each product and get the most out of it, the benefits of our key ingredients, and why we avoid using parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and alcohol.

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A group of friends attend a Bathologie Blending Bar.

Hostess Rewards

Guest Sales Free Product 1/2 Price Items Shipping Charged
$200 $25 1 FREE
$350 $35 1 FREE
$450 $60 2 FREE
$550 $75 3 FREE
$650 $100 4 FREE
$750 $125 5 FREE
$850 $150 6 FREE
$1000 $200 6 FREE
$1000+ = 20% in Free Product! 7 FREE

*Blending bars must have 4+ unique orders.

Bathologie Retail Therapy

Want more bath•ologie? Give your friend a bath•ologie shopping spree and you’ll earn yourself some free and half off bathologie products at the same time. It’s a WIN, WIN!

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